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 Advertising in Fort Wayne Magazine puts your marketing message at the heart of what’s going on in Fort Wayne.

To inquire, contact:


Rob Hennessey

Phone:  (260) 461-8587

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Fort Wayne Magazine is Fort Wayne’s own premier city publication. Fort Wayne Magazine captures the flair and vitality of our community and packages it with distinction and creativity. Colorful and sophisticated, the content of Fort Wayne Magazine is both compelling and intimate, combining the talents of award-winning writers with dynamic photography, illustration and design.

Each issue offers:

  • profiles of local personalities
  • features on the people and events that shaped our past, define our present and forecast our future
  • the arts, dining, entertainment and sports activities

In short, Fort Wayne Magazine IS Fort Wayne. 

As with many city magazines, Fort Wayne Magazine is upscale. Its broad editorial coverage attracts community-minded readers willing to spend time, energy and money on any number of consumer passions, including travel, fitness, dining, entertainment, the arts and home décor. For these readers, Fort Wayne Magazine is a must read.

Using ongoing in-depth research to pinpoint its market, Fort Wayne Magazine knows its readers are upscale, with half having an annual household income of $75,000 or more.* In addition, Fort Wayne Monthly readers have a demonstrated interest in serving the community by participating in civic activities.

The Fort Wayne community has embraced Fort Wayne Monthly, with subscribers representing a broad range of demographics. Fort Wayne Magazine has unparalleled audience penetration. Its total circulation of 12,500 reaches more than 56,000 readers* with each issue through three major distribution channels.

Utilizing the resources of the largest, most sophisticated circulation department in our area, Fort Wayne Monthly offers the most exhaustive magazine subscription capabilities available. 

Demographic Targeting:   
Fort Wayne Magazine is distributed to affluent consumers throughout our area’s high reader pass-along venues, including hotel lobbies, hospitals, physician practices, dental offices and law firms, among others. In addition, it is distributed to members of area chambers of commerce.

Fort Wayne Magazine is sold in prominent retail locations throughout the area, including Anne’s Hallmark, Barnes & Noble, CVS, Fresh Market, Kroger, Riegel’s, and other specialty stores and retailers.

* 2009 Circulation Verification Council Publication Audit Report

Printing: Sheet-fed offset
Binding: Perfect bound
Half-tone screens: 150 line screen (133 min.) photos (300 dpi min.) 

2011 Fort Wayne Monthly ad sizesAd materials should be submitted as electronic files. Acceptable file formats include: Acrobat pdf (6.0 or earlier), Quark Xpress 6.5 or earlier, InDesign 2.0 or earlier, Adobe Illustrator CS or earlier, Freehand 10 or earlier and Pagemaker 6.5 or earlier. NO MICROSOFT programs.

Ads may be delivered in the following ways:

On Disk: CDs
E-Mail: Attach ONE self-extracting, stuffed, zipped or PDF file and send here. No file sizes larger than 4MB.
FTP Site: server name is
username: anonymous

All fonts (printer and screen) and graphic files must be included. Photos must be 300 dpi minimum resolution. All files must be accompanied by a color proof or
pdf proof.

Cancellation Policy:
Changes or cancellations must be made on or before the space reservation deadline for applicable issue.