Spotted Around Town

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with fun, food, fashion

By Jennifer Dodds Fox

Chalk Tees
    I found these super fun tees for kids at the FWMoA and instantly thought of a few ways to have fun with them: celebrate a birthday, differentiate between twins, announce a special event (“I’m going to be a big brother!”) or newly acquired skill (“I can ride a bike!”). There are so many possibilities especially when you give up control of the chalk. How fun for the kiddos to be able to write on their own shirt … and how great for you that whatever is written can be erased if necessary. Choose among gray, green or red in children’s sizes 4, 6, 8, 10. $22.50.

Gift Trophies @ Classic Trophy
    Remember how fun it was to receive trophies, medals and ribbons as a child? Why not give trophies to the adults in your life for any job well done? Make your own award for a friend who ran his first marathon, hit a milestone birthday or quit smoking. Create one for holidays like Mother’s and Father’s Day or maybe even Flag Day. There are gobs of base, figurine and color options, and the prices are affordable. You’re sure to end up with a really fun and distinct gift. I just had one made for $11 to mark a special occasion in our family — it was a hit! 210 Marciel Dr. (260) 483-1161

Star Wars Chopsticks @ Intergalactic Toys
    As the mother of a young boy, my world revolves around Star Wars and superheroes. I heard about Intergalactic Toys just in time for my son’s birthday so off I went. The inventory is chock-full of new and used toys, accessories and rare collectibles — virtually everything a fan boy could want. The stock is more varied than the big box stores, and the enthusiastic staff members really know their stuff. I found a Captain America dress up set, circa 1992, never used and perfectly packaged for $25, a real treasure that thrilled my boy. I also bought a few sets of Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks for myself. I just couldn’t resist! 2614 Maplecrest Road. (260) 622-TOYS

Eco Chic G2G Earrings by Ostlund Custom Works
    Where’s the fun in wearing the same thing as everyone else? When it comes to personal style, few things beat limited-edition or one-of-a-kind pieces. The artist and designer behind Gothic to Glamorous, Ron Ostlund Jr., is a self-taught local gem, specializing in small batch jewelry, lamps and clocks made from scrap metals and other repurposed materials. I’m particularly enamored with his selection of earrings (starting at $45) and have purchased for myself as well as friends. Email to commission your own one of a kind piece or shop his collection of jewelry, lamps and clocks at the Artlink Gallery. 300 E. Main St. (260) 424-7195

Private Cheese Parties @ Cheesemanstore
    I am seriously addicted to cheese (seriously), and I could easily empty my bank account at Cheesemanstore in Auburn. In addition to a wide variety of cheeses (cranberry cheddar being one of my favorites), the people at Cheesemanstore can teach you how to make your own fresh mozzarella or how to create the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. They’ll also bring their wide selection to your home for a private cheese tasting with a minimum sales requirement of $100 (trust me, you and your guests won’t be able to resist a purchase). I can’t think of a better excuse for a party! 1343 S. Jackson St. in Auburn. (260) 925-6411

Custom Dog Tags @ GI Joes Army Surplus
    I adore shopping Army-Navy stores for cool patches, aviator sunglasses and camouflage everything. During a recent trip to G.I. Joe’s, I didn’t hesitate when I spotted their sign for custom dog tags, with rubber silencers, for the bargain price of $10.95. With five lines of 15 characters each, you can get as creative as you want. Have the same thing printed on both tags or switch it up. I say buck tradition and have your nickname and a personal motto or joke printed instead of your blood type and social security number. You’ll have a personalized necklace in minutes! 1638 Wells St. (260) 426-7859

Posted Thu, 08/30/2012 - 10:40 am