Spotted Around Town

The sound

and the glorious scents

By Jennifer Dodds Fox

Equipment & Accessories @ Neat Neat Neat Records & Music

I’m a big fan of listening to music on vinyl (there’s something romantic about the sound and feel of records), so I was thrilled to discover Neat Neat Neat Records and Music. Morrison Agen, the passionate owner, introduced me to a fantastic carbon fiber brush that gently removes fingerprints and dust from records. He sells two versions, one for $14.99 and the other for $29.99, the latter with an anti-static pad and a more robust design. I put my brush to work immediately and was overjoyed with the results. Neat Neat Neat also sells a cork mat ($49.99) for your record player that helps to improve the sound by reducing crackle and clarifying vocals and instruments by decoupling the record from the platter. Agen says this simple addition improves sound quality on turntables of all price points. Neat Neat Neat is a fantastic local resource for maximum vinyl enjoyment. 1836 South Calhoun Street, 46807.

Ambre Blends Natural Fragrance @ Symmetry

Say goodbye to alcohol- and chemical-laden fragrances and say hello to Ambre Blends, an Indianapolis-based natural fragrance brand, now available at Symmetry in Coventry. The four unisex, organic essence fragrances come in various sizes as well as body cremes, soy candles and soaps. The fragrances can be worn alone or mixed for a more unique, personal scent. The 10 ml roller ball vials are $44, can be refilled and are perfectly sized for air travel or slipped easily into your handbag. Because Ambre Blends are oil, not alcohol based, the rich scents last longer. Natural, longer lasting and with an affordable price tag makes the jump from mass market fragrances an easy choice in my book. 6410 West Jefferson Boulevard, 46804.

Alexis Bittar Jewelry @ Jophiel

I was shocked out of my gourd when I walked
|into Jophiel and saw a gob of Alexis Bittar jewelry in the cases! I have adored his designs for years — they are unique, lit-from-within Lucite pieces that add sophisticated glamour to even a T shirt and jeans. There is something for every aesthetic (edgy rocker, slick downtown chic or refined elegance) and can be worn as your statement piece or jumbled together. My go-to pick is one of the many stunning Lucite bangles, starting at $187. 6410 West Jefferson Boulevard, 46804.

Posted Mon, 08/13/2012 - 11:39 am