Spotted Around Town

Tasty, cozy and fun

finds in Fort Wayne

By Jennifer Dodds Fox

Firefly Coffee House

Firefly Coffee House, known for great coffee and pastries, has cultivated a selection of boutique items such as jewelry, scarves and greeting cards but I can’t get enough of the pillows by Pickfair! I have purchased two so far and every time I go in I’m tempted to buy another. The patterns and colors are modern, cheery and fresh and come in a variety of sizes. Even the tags on their pillows are adorable! The two ladies behind Pickfair live in Indianapolis and sell their pillows, among other vintage-y paper items, on Etsy in addition to small boutiques like Firefly.

The good ones online and @ this special event

As a mother of a little boy, I’m sometimes frustrated with the range of available clothing options. I like my son to be comfy yet still cool and unique which can be a tricky combo for the tin lunchbox set. You can imagine my joy when I found out a local clothing line for rad dudes has just popped up online! The Good Ones, founded by local powerhouses Matilda Jane and One Lucky Guitar, was conceived for active and adventurous boys and with an attention to style and detail rarely seen. The super awesome “Frank Pantalones” are soft pants with a double waist band, BMX and guitar string accents and a roll-up, reflective cuff, perfect for biking and skateboarding in safety. Believe me when I say they are a must-have for boys everywhere. The vintage-y, Western-style button-down shirts feature contrasting cuffs and pearl snaps or embroidered details that rival Dad’s cool duds. The Good Ones serves up these swell threads on an interactive website (hello, downloadable theme songs and activities!) that inspires the exciting lifestyle of spirited boys who light “fireworks in our souls.” While The Good Ones clothing is typically only sold through the website, the collection will be available for sale at the Matilda Jane 435 Art Fair (sure to be a rollicking good time) on June 22 and 23 at Matilda Jane Headquarters, 435 East Brackenridge St. Check out The Good Ones while the gettin’ is good!

Hummus @ The Friendly Fox

My husband makes really awesome hummus so he might be cross with me for writing these next few sentences! The Friendly Fox’s Hummus Duo is outstanding. Two big scoops of house-made Chipotle Lime and Roasted Garlic hummuses/hummi (has anyone ever written a plural form of hummus?) come with sliced cucumbers, crostini and pita wedges and has on a few occasions been my breakfast and my lunch in the same day. In addition to my cherished hummus they offer a full coffee bar, ice cream and milkshakes, a lunch and dinner menu as well as delicious breakfast quiches.  The Friendly Fox is one of my favorite spots in the city and is a vital part of the 46807 community. 4001 South Wayne Avenue, 46807. ■

Posted Mon, 08/13/2012 - 11:41 am