Trowel & Error

Mystery seeds

By Nancy Crowe

While helping clear, sort and box up the household goods of a family member who recently passed, I was presented with a small jar of seeds discovered on a shelf by the basement stairs. Someone had saved them to plant later or pass along, but from the dust on the lid, they'd been sitting on that shelf for some time. On closer inspection, it looks as if some of the seeds already sprouted and then dried up. My hopes for viability are not high, but I'm going to test them anyway. We'll see what happens in seven to 10 days, but in the meantime, does anyone know what they are?

Garden tip of the day: When you save seeds, label and date them. Then again, leaving a little mystery behind can be fun.

Nancy Crowe

Posted Mon, 09/19/2011 - 2:43 pm