One more thing ...

Fewer fireworks?

And it's better this way

By Connie Haas Zuber

I have to admit that my love of fireworks has been tarnished by exposure to too many of them.

I have always loved fireworks, from the simplest things that sparkle or go "Bang!" to the incredible, sky-filling aerial displays. But recent summers have changed, and so has my thinking about fireworks. I do not like living through the constant bangs and flashes my neighborhood (and likely yours, too, from what I read on Facebook) has endured from two weeks before the Fourth of July through the two weeks after.

As the 2011 holiday weekend nears, though, I can happily report things have been pretty quiet in my part of town. Bangs and flashes are lots fewer and much farther between. The change is certainly not because of a shortage of fireworks shops, so maybe it's the economy (which failed to put a damper on things ast year). Maybe more people are, like me, choosing to enjoy fireworks more sparingly. The fireworks you can shoot off at home are tremendously less fun and gorgeous than what we see at the public Fourth of July shows, the end of the Three Rivers Festival or even after a TinCaps game. 

Whatever the explanation, I appreciate the change.

How are things in your neighborhood? 

Connie Haas Zuber

Connie Haas Zuber is editor of Fort Wayne Monthly.

Posted Thu, 06/30/2011 - 9:20 am