Trowel & Error

Just add water

By Nancy Crowe

Irrigation is vital for our gardens, but effectively getting the water where it needs to go can get complicated. The effective flow of information is pretty important for us humans, too. Many of us in the media ask ourselves how we are going to do it today better than we did it yesterday. That was one of the questions that drove the development of Fort Wayne Monthly magazine's new website.

We want to deliver all we have to offer in a way that will help you flourish and grow. So, just as we untangle and hook up our hoses to give our plants a drink, I am adding a blog to my print column to give all of us a chance to share useful gardening information. And I hope we can have some fun, too.

I've been a journalist for more than 20 years — a lot more, if you include growing up in the newspaper business — and the magazine's copy editor for the last five. I'm also an Advanced Master Gardener with the Purdue University Extension Service. Both of these qualifications mean that if I can't answer a question, I know where to look for a credible answer. And I really enjoy gathering the information — the dirt, so to speak.

So let's start with irrigation. What methods — automatic sprinkler systems, soaker hoses, rain barrels, rain dances, etc. — do you use to water your plants? And why do they work, or not work, for you?

I'm listening.

Nancy Crowe

Posted Fri, 06/03/2011 - 12:58 pm