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Checklist for a celebration

Are you ready for Library Week?

Given that we have one of the best public libraries in the nation and especially because that library collects numbers that show Fort Wayne to be one of the better-read places around, we really should celebrate National Library Week — April 8-14 this year — as well as possible.

Here’s the plan (Warning! More suggestions fit here than fit in the magazine itself):

• Do something different at the library: Maybe you’ve never checked out a DVD or CD from the library. Maybe (heaven forbid!) your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, younger cousins or friends’ children have never had the run of the fabulous children’s room. If you’ve done those things, that’s cool. You could do them again ... or check out an e-book. Bet you haven’t done that yet!

• Go to the Genealogy room and ask the librarians to help you look up something. It can be something simple, like finding the City Directories from the past and going back to find the first one your house is listed in. Ask for help finding if anyone has written a history on your family name. The point is to get in there and learn how easy it is (with the librarians’ help and later on your own) to learn your own history. That would be a great project for any of us.

• Thank a librarian — or two or three — for their help. Wish them a Happy National Library Week.

• Write a letter expressing how much you appreciate the spectacularly wonderful library we have here. Send it to Jeff Krull, Director, Allen County Public Library, 900 Library Plaza, Fort Wayne, IN 46802. In these days of budget pressures, he cannot fail to appreciate appreciation.

• Join Friends of the Library, a non-profit group that has supported the library since 1981 and is devoted to the conviction that good library service is important to everyone. Find the Friends under the About Us tab at You’ll be glad you did.

Posted by: Connie Haas Zuber
Posted: Fri, 04/06/2012 - 9:09 am
Last updated: Wed, 05/23/2012 - 3:09 pm