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From The Magazine

Arts Talk

Art and Soul in newest gallery

Santa Brink understands the wealth of talent here

By Bonnie Blackburn

Artist Santa Brink and her staff provide the heart at Artworks.

Feature Stories

Brushes with fame

And the value that endures

By Connie Haas Zuber

What was so great about meeting these famous writers and artists back in the 1980s? The same thing that's great about interacting with working artists today.

Feature Stories

Spring Fashion

By Jennifer Dodds Fox

Active lifestyles and demanding schedules have caused a shift in how we see fashion these days, and the new Sport Luxe vibe fits in well from New York runways to Parkview Field.

The Grape Vine

Mind blown

My trip beyond wine mixology

By Elizabeth Niezer

Columnist Elizabeth Niezer gets her mind blown by new flavors not involving wine.

Along the Heritage Trail

Breath of fresh air

Breathalyzer invented here

By Tom Castaldi

Fort Wayne is home to the Breathalyzer, Historian Tom Castaldi tells the tale.

On Stage

Male call

Ballet dancer finding his way

By Michele DeVinney

Talbot Rue rides a rising tide of male ballet dancers to new heights.

20 Questions

George Kalamaras

By Bonnie Blackburn

IPFW professor George Kalamaras added a new title to his resume this year: Indiana's Poet Laureate. Find out how that came about and what he thinks of rhyming as we play 20 Questions.